Koobara’s Bush Tucker Garden

The jarjums at Koobara Kindy have been working hard taking care of their Bush Tucker garden, growing some amazing foods and developing a connection with their natural environment. The Australian Native Bush Raspberries are thriving and will be abundant with fruit from June to October ??

These raspberries are sweet-tasting and are eaten straight from the vine – especially by Uncle John when he comes to visit! ? The jarjums are currently in the planning stage for a new season of crops, of which they will be the caretakers of their group’s designated garden. Educators will be teaching them how to plant, feed, water, and care for their gardens ?

There are also stingless bees in our garden ? We can’t wait for the warmer weather, so we can split the hives and harvest some of the honey! Jarjums will be involved in the taste testing and revegetating of the area near the hives ?? They will be planting bottle brush, grevilleas, and other flowering Australian species – learning that bees love to visit the flowers to create a beautiful tangy flavoured honey and the importance of these flowers being planted close to the hives. Our little Stingless Australian native bees only travel around 500 metres from their hives to collect pollen, nectar, and tree resin. Jarjums will learn how to keep our native bees safe from predators that can harm them such wasps, and prevent ants from making nests in the hives.