During the year, we will be going on some excursions. Every effort will be made to keep the cost to a minimum; however, it is inevitable that on some occasions, some costs will be incurred. In these situations, you will be expected to pay for your child to participate.

Parents/Carers will also be expected to accompany us on excursions as C&K requires a ratio of one (1) adult to two (2) children on all excursions. We do realise that not all parents/carers will be able to help every time. However, please try to help us on these occasions to make our excursions a happy event for everyone concerned. If we don’t have enough parent/carer supervision on our excursions, then they may have to be cancelled.

Also, during the year, we will have activities at the Kindergarten/Pre-prep where we expect families to participate. Remember your children enjoy having you at their Kindergarten/Pre-prep. Families are most welcome to visit the Kindergarten/Pre-prep and spend a day with the children. All we ask is that you let us know.

Any suggestions you have for the Kindergarten/Pre-prep program is also welcome, and we will see what we can do to accommodate your ideas and requests.

Also, any suggestions you may have for visitors to the Kindy/Pre-prep are also welcome. We also need your full support on all our fundraising ventures no matter what they may be. If all families give their support, fundraising will be a success, which will only benefit the children more. Fundraising suggestions are also welcomed. Koobara gratefully accepts all donations made to our Organisation.