Murri Tukka

Today we had an amazing Murri Tukka experience led by Uncle Bruce. The Ghundus Madjuman presentation and tasting workshop provided the opportunity for the jarjums to learn about the traditional plant-based foods of First Nations people.

We talked about caring for country and the environment and importance of sharing kindness with others. The jarjums learnt how bush tucker grows and what they can be used for. We then used our sense of sight, touch, taste and smell to experience the plant-based foods.

Lots of expressive faces were seen as the jarjums tasted the foods, with the jarjums making connections to what the foods smelt and tasted like. We washed the food down with some delicious lemon myrtle and honey tea.

As you can see in the photos, this is a very interactive and joyful experience.

Uncle Bruce also gave our little finger lime tree some medical attention too.????