Injuries to a child that may occur in the Kindergarten/Pre-Prep setting are recorded in a book and families must witness the statement of events. Any medication that needs to be given at Kindergarten/Pre-Prep is also recorded and families must also sign the statement at the end of the day. Any medication to be given at Kindergarten/Pre-Prep must be under doctor’s directions, clearly indicating dosage and times. Medication will not be given without a doctor’s directions.

Should your child become ill or have an accident while at Kindergarten/Pre-Prep, we will always try to contact families immediately. If you cannot be contacted, we will try to reach your emergency contact. If this person cannot be reached the Director will assume responsibility in getting your child to medical help. It is therefore extremely important that you supply us with contact phone numbers for yourself, your doctor (if you have a family doctor) and a couple of emergency contact numbers (friends/families who are local).

If your child breaks out in a contagious illness be sure to notify us immediately. The recommended exclusion time will commence from time of notification.