Photo of Koobara students with Johnathan Thurston

Kindergarten children have fun while they are learning. Koobara delivers a 5-day fortnight Early Years Learning program for children aged from 3-5 years.

Your child will enjoy cultural learning, activities, making new friends and learning new skills in a safe and happy environment by our qualified, friendly staff.

Koobara works in partnership with the Institute of Urban Indigenous Health who offer specialist services for your child’s health and well-being in the areas of:

  • Speech therapy
  • Deadly Ears team
  • Occupational Health team
  • Dental

Koobara’s Pre-Prep children are provided with a high quality education, to empower their own skills and knowledge in preparation into their school years.

Koobara’s qualified staff will provide your child with new skills and knowledge throughout the year by engaging activities, arts and crafts, social and emotional skills, having access to all materials, resources, attend excursions through school-based learning.

Koobara strives to accomplish and achieve a smooth transition into school for our children and families.