If at any time a client has reason to believe that they have been treated in an unfair or demeaning manner, they may seek the matter dealt with in the following way.

  1. Direct discussion with the Director.  The parent/carer may also have with them an advocate of their choice.
  2. Direct discussion with the Administrator also with an advocate.
  3. After these steps if there is still a deadlock with the matter, then the client may write directly to the Management Committee. On receipt of the letter the Committee will have seven (7) working days to acknowledge the letter and inform the client of the grievance hearing date. The committee shall then have twenty-one (21) working days in which to address the grievance, after which the Committee will then inform the client of the decision in writing.The Koobara Management Committee reserves the right to have all its decision considered as final.

    The Client with or without an Advocate has the right to attend and address the committee at the grievance hearing.

Note: Advocate could but not necessarily mean a legal representative. An Advocate could also be a prominent member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community. If the Client intends to use legal representation, they are obliged to give due notice in writing of such intentions. All fees will be their personal responsibility.