Koobara Kindy kids have started visiting the Nalingu Respite Centre.  The children will be visiting on a regular basis. Our visit to Nalingu really allowed each and every one of the children to shine.

They showcased their diverse interests and abilities, and were shown lots of love in return. But, most importantly, this excursion provided us with an opportunity to demonstrate our own love and respect for the wisdom of Elders in our community. We are part of something bigger – and maintaining strong community connections invests in children’s sense of belonging.

Just before we were due to leave, some of the Nalingu staff and clients presented the Koobara kids with a gold medal each for being so deadly! Many of the children were beaming with pride. There is such great value in these reciprocal relationships.

Then, some of the children started showing the Aunties and Uncles their deadly dance moves! They were doing spins, cartwheels, handstands, forward rolls and fortnite dances!

There were SO many cheers!