Splitting of the Hive.

Koobara jarjums are becoming really familiar with some of the creatures that inhabit our local space.  Today, Aaron came to show us how to split the bee hive; which is the home of the native bees at our kindy!  He needed to do this to create more room for them.  He showed us the equipment that he needed to do the job: a new empty wooden hive, a big knife to separate the original hive, and some wide tape to stick the two parts of each hive together.  We learned that the hives need to face north to get the most sunlight (bees love it!), and that each hive needs a queen bee.  And we yarned some more about how native bees don’t sting – but they can nip you if you’re not nice to them!

Aaron used the sharp knife with plenty of force to separate the original hive (it was so sticky in there!).  When the two parts of the bees’ hive were disconnected, we got to quickly see what the insides of their home looks like – lots of thick, dark, sticky bubbles! We’re excited to watch the progress of our second native bee hive!