Easter Bilby Adventure

Koobara jarjums went on an excursion to The Bunyaville Environmental Education Centre. Both groups had the great day learning and connecting on Turrbul country. We learnt that bilbies are excellent diggers and they build their homes which are burrows deep underground. We got to crawl into the bilby burrow and read a story about the Easter Bilby.

The jarjums met the Funny ‘Professor’ Ima Duffer and went on a adventure to help Ima pick up all the Easter rubbish that ‘Flash Rabbit’ had scattered in the bush. We explored the bush looking for wooden eggs.

Easter Bilby told us that they are endangered, there are not many bilbies left, they are losing their homes and they don’t have anywhere to live. Our jarjums promised to help the Easter Bilby.

At the end of the day we got to give the Easter Bilby a big hug.