12th Anniversary of the Apology Breakfast.

Koobara held our annual Apology Breakfast on Thursday 13th February 2020. We acknowledge the then Prime minister Mr Kevin Rudd for the National Apology to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples for the “Stolen Generation” and the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of the past on the 13th February 2008.

Through out the morning we heard touching stories of peoples journey, strength and resilience.

Supportive words from our local Councillor Jared Cassidy. He touched on some points made by Uncle Lewis at a letter he wrote that was read out at Koobara’s Survival Day March, and went on to thank Koobara for the amazing and important work we do for the community here on the Northside.

Councillor Sandy Landers said, “Some inspiring and thought provoking speeches.”

Thank you to all the attended.